Top-Quality Construction Blocks in Vapi: Aashapura Pavers

Aashapura pavers provides different construction blocks with high strength manufactured with automatic machines. This block have no deviations in size and hence reduce the cost of construction by reducing cost of plaster work in walls

With Aashapura Pavers create an aesthetically pleasing yet strong foundation for your next construction project.

  • Retaining Wall Blocks

    Retaining wall plays a central role in preventing & retaining landsliding due to soil erosion. Besides that, retaining walls are ideal to use in highways, overbridges, underbridges, and other supporting construction due to their ability to withstand the pressure of soil. As a leading construction block manufacturer in Vapi Gujarat, Aashapura Pavers excels in providing concrete retaining wall blocks. Retaining walls provided by us are durable, aesthetically pleasing, and known to fulfill the demands of our clients owing to the vast area of application

    Please refer to the following chart to know more about retaining walls.

    Wall Type Retaining wall
    Size Height-203 mm, Width- 305 mm,
    Length- 457 mm
    Material Concrete
    Color Grey
    Application Structures Bridges and other retaining
  • Solid Blocks

    Concrete solid blocks are one of the inexpensive building materials to be used in wall construction. Due to their uniform sizes which saves the cost of plastering and labor. Construction blocks provided by Aashapura possess high strength with zero breakage quality. We are the leading construction block manufacturer in Vapi Gujarat. Solid blocks provide a sturdy foundation to walls acting as a barrier in keeping water away from the walls. Whether to construct a secure wall or an outdoor landscape, solid blocks are the perfect building material that offers a great vehicle to make those construction projects happen.

    To learn more about Solid Blocks, please refer to the following chart.

    Usage Wall Construction Block
    Built Type Solid
    Size Height-200 mm, Width- 190 mm,
    Length- 400 mm
    Material Concrete
    Color Grey
    Applications Wall Construction
  • Hollow Blocks

    Hollow blocks are one of the most economically viable building materials for constructing walls. Some of the few application where hollow blocks excels are curtainwalls, partition walls, panel walls, firewalls, stairwell, and elevators. However, the most striking application is in the construction of shockproof homes in earthquake-prone areas. Due to hollowing space inside the blocks, the built walls are soundproof, heatproof, and dampproof. As a pioneer Construction Blocks Manufacturer in Vapi Gujarat. Our company is capable of meeting the largest demands from th e clients in the construction industry.

    For further information about Hollow Blocks, please see the following chart.

    Usage Partition Wall
    Size Height-200 mm, Width- 190 mm,
    Length- 400 mm
    Color Grey
    Material Concrete
    Applications Wall Construction
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